A new Land storage tank order for GTT

On December 21st 2011, Energy World Corporation and GTT have signed a contract for a 130 000m3 LNG storage tank. This tank will be built by EWC for a LNG Hub Terminal on Pagbilao Grande Island, Quezon Province, in the Philippines. The commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2013.

EWC is an Australian company based in Hong Kong working to provide energy to Asian countries by developing standard modular LNG production trains and by investing in LNG receiving terminals and Gas fired power generation.

This LNG Hub Terminal will be used to facilitate the distribution of natural gas to three main markets:

• To serve as an anchor buyer of the LNG;

• To distribute the LNG to other power producers in the region;

• To distribute the LNG & CNG for use as vehicle fuels.

For this project, GTT is in charge of the detailed design of the storage tank containment system and will provide technical assistance on site for the construction.

This is the second LNG storage tank ordered by EWC from GTT, illustrating the four year trusting relationship between the two companies.