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GTT Inside #17 - July 2020


Message from Eric Dehouck, GTT Deputy CEO


Eric Dehouck GTT Deputy CEOHave you ever been surprised and fascinated by discovering the technical depth, the level of detail, the mastery necessary to achieve something which appears simple at first sight?

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," Leonardo da Vinci said.

The same holds true for that specific dish that you know how to prepare to perfection: the dosage is precise, nothing too much, the gesture is safe, a thousand times repeated and carefully transmitted from generation to generation. The list of ingredients is supposedly well known but this dish remains unique and yours.

When I joined GTT three months ago, I first discovered a technology that seemed quite simple to me. However, each day working with passionate engineers and technicians, I have discovered a level of technical mastery that I did not imagine. There is an obsession here, more than 55 years-old, to master all aspects of the technology we offer to our customers. It is a matter of trust that the Shipyards, Charterers, Ship-owners, and Class, place in us and which is embarked on nearly 400 LNG tankers around the world, every day.

In this issue of GTT Inside, we have chosen to share with you two examples of very advanced studies that we are conducting to better master our technologies. These are the digital image correlation at cryogenic temperatures and the corrosion simulations on the Invar M93. This work has made it possible to better master the operations and design of our systems in extreme conditions. With GTT inside this month, we are also launching a creative and new concept: the LNG Block™, aimed at supporting shipyards develop the LNG as a fuel market and therefore, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emission.

To earn the trust of those who invest in, operate and construct the ships, GTT will continue to invest heavily in the mastery and development of our technologies. We are therefore honoured to share with you that we have just been rewarded for being the N°1 mid-size company for filling patents in France with a total of 58 patents filed in 2019.

I wish you a good read.


Make LNG as a fuel easy: the LNG Block solution

LNG as fuel is now the solution of choice for the future of green shipping. Hence, new yards are interested in addressing the upcoming increase in LNG fuel demand. Meanwhile, the highest concern for the owners is to minimize risk and reach a reliable and cost effective solution.

For that purpose, GTT is developing a new solution in order to meet these challenges, called “LNG Block™”.  No revolution here as GTT gathers the existing practices of the shipping industry and the standard methods of cryogenic tank construction of skilled GTT licensees...


Expert assessment of corrosion behaviour of GTT LNG tanks

For pre-docking and post-docking operations, inert gas produced by on-board generators, resulting from MGO or MDO combustion, is used as a temporary medium in the tanks.

Inert gas is mainly composed of N2 and CO2, thus avoiding the explosive mix of oxygen and methane. This standard operating procedure has always been respected. However, cargo tanks should not be kept under inert gas for more than three days.

In 2019, during an LNG Owners’ Forum meeting, GTT received a number of questions about the possibility of extending the duration of inert gas use.

We know that inert gas contains several components potentially detrimental to membranes, such as SOX and NOX.

This issue has led GTT’s Materials Department and APERAM’s Imphy Research Centre to cooperate on a study with the aim to find appropriate solutions...


3D Digital Image Correlation at cryogenic temperature

GTT is constantly looking at ways to increase its systems’ performance and efficiency by improving its testing and validation methods.

As part of its approach for the validation of new CCS technologies, the GTT Prefabrication laboratory recently acquired a new measurement system called 3D Digital Image Correlation in order to improve the design of its new technologies. 3D Digital Image Correlation is a contactless optical measurement method that achieves high precision over relatively large studied areas. The analysis and interpretation of this global data in the form of displacement fields and strain fields make it possible to improve the correlation between Thermomechanical Tests and Numerical Models. It also improves the identification of mechanical stresses of CCS components under in-service loads...