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Make LNG as a Fuel easy: the LNG Block solution

Make LNG as a Fuel easy: the LNG Block™ solution

LNG as fuel is now the solution of choice for the future of green shipping. Hence, new yards are interested in addressing the upcoming increase in LNG fuel demand. Meanwhile, the highest concern for the owners is to minimize risk and reach a reliable and cost effective solution.

For that purpose, GTT is developing a new solution in order to meet these challenges, called “LNG Block”.  No revolution here as GTT gathers the existing practices of the shipping industry and the standard methods of cryogenic tank construction of skilled GTT licensees.

The LNG Block™ solution consists in building the ship section incorporating the LNG fuel tank in a specialised yard, which is then delivered to the client yard responsible for building the vessel.

The client yard subcontracts to a GTT licensee the construction of the entire block housing the LNG tank. The scantling of the block including the LNG tank structure is designed by the client yard with the assistance of GTT experts, considering the specific requirements of the membrane containment system. The block is constructed and the containment system is outfitted under the supervision of the licensee in a dedicated yard. GTT teams supervise the membrane outfitting as well as the block integration in the client yard. The block can be also outfitted with the Fuel Gas Handling System, electrical networks, ventilation and piping networks, at the choice of the client yard.

With this solution, many shipyards, whatever their location and LNG background, can offer LNG fuel solutions with reduced construction risk and optimized delivery schedule.

In order to develop this construction model, GTT works with several industrial partners to offer this solution to the market in 2020.

The first development project is undertaken with Dongsung Finetec, a long-term Korean partner delivering the main components of GTT containment system for over twenty years for LNG Carriers and LNG fuelled ships.

Dongsung Finetec has built up its own capabilities of constructing LNG Cargo containment systems as well as the outfitting of LNG pipe and equipment insulation.

After launching the LNG Brick® exoskeleton tank into the market with GTT in 2018, Dongsung Finetec has secured the competences of manufacturing LNG Tank structures and outfitting the Mark III technology. With the LNG Block solution, Dongsung Finetec will contribute to the significant shortening of shipbuilding schedule for the benefit of shipyards and ship-owners.

With its own skilled engineers and a solid track record from collaboration with Korean shipyards, Dongsung Finetec can successfully manufacture the outfitted blocks with their industrial partners (block fabricators).

With this LNG Block™ approach, LNG projects, wherever their location, can be carried out relying on experienced partners.

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